Personalized and the finest service commitment is here in writing and guaranteed.

Your personal Property Manager is the director of the company and a licensed estate agent.

If you call during business hours and you leave a message, it will be returned within 24 hours by the same person every time.

Emails responded to within 24 hours.




  • Upon receipt of a vacate notice from the tenant, we will:
  • Advise you via telephone or email within 24 hours
  • List your property on the internet within 24 hours of our discussion, and your written confirmation of instructions to.
  • Communicate with you at least once a week while your property is on the rental market.
  • Present tenancy applications to you for consideration within 24 hours of fully processing the application.
  • Provide you with a copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement of your new tenants lease commencing.




  • To ensure that you are gaining maximum rental returns on your investment property, rental reviews & lease renewals are conducted frequently.
  • If the tenant is locked into a 12-month lease, their rent will be reviewed 3 months prior to the expiration of their agreement.
  • If the tenant is on a periodic tenancy (a month-by-month agreement) their rent will be reviewed every 6 months.
  • At any point throughout the management of your property, we will be here to offer expert advice on how to maximize the return on your investment property.







  • Prior to a new tenancy, your property manager will conduct a thorough inspection which will include a condition report with photographs.
  • The first routine inspection will be conducted 4 months into the tenancy; routine inspections will then occur every 6 months.
  • A complete outgoing inspection will be conducted by your property manager upon tenants vacating the premises.



The secret to a successful tenancy is educating & rewarding the tenant on their rental journey. Our tenant reward program is specifically designed to deliver duty of care and legislative compliance in conjunction with providing tenants with rental tools to take on future rental journeys

  • 100 points of identification
  • Proof of income & employment
  • Proof of rental history & rental references
  • Business & personal references for each applicant

Upon approval of an applicant/s we conduct a tenant check on the TICA website to ensure there have not been previous tenancy issues

Above rental checks are paramount in protecting you, the landlord. By rewarding the tenant it creates further appreciation and care for your investment with appreciation and accountability.