About Us

Company Introduction

Fine Point Real estate strives to be stellar in service delivery. We differentiate our service delivery by providing individual and tailor made investment packages that suit the needs of the client rather than providing a whole lot of products that they may never require.  For fine point real estate to be first rate in investment management they have concentrated on providing the finer points of investment management and created first rate products certain to satisfy and facilitate the requirements of any real estate transaction. The finer points of investment management include superior maintenance solutions and compliance, duty of care and reward packages for tenants.  Best of all peace of mind packages, including an all inclusive management fee to reward landlords / owners. Fine points reward packages have been created and designed to not only ensure mandatory obligations which must be met and in tuned with real estate industry regulations. They are specifically designed to provide the duty of care required for tenants throughout their rental journey in conjunction with protecting the landlord / owner from any accountability for the life and condition of the investment property and its investment journey.

Company Profile
First Point Real Estate is a boutique and unique mobile real estate agency directed by Michelle Steans who is an experienced and licensed estate agent. Michelle obtained her real estate licence to practice as a real estate agent and with that licence she took an oath to lead and educate the real estate industry honorably and respectively.
Michelle vows to provide comprehensive and loyal service whilst incorporating authoritative obligations in line with the real estate industry legislation. It takes a fine person to be faithful to ones oath and commitment to serve respectively. Michelle recognizes investment management indicates a need to be cared for and monitored; This acquires great skill and superior knowledge to be admired and trusted.
Michelle has worked hard for the past 10 years in many areas of the Real estate industry to fine tune her personal qualities and jovial character so that she can deliver sharp fine investment tools imperative when striving for financial investment gains and service excellence