Landlord Introduction
The finer points of investment management include superior maintenance solutions and compliance.   The Landlord “peace of mind package” was created in conjunction with an all inclusive management fee to reward Landlords. This package is designed to ensure authoritative obligations are met and are in tune with real estate industry regulations. The package provides the duty of care required for tenants with compliant maintenance throughout their tenancy journey in conjunction with protecting the landlord from any accountability for the life and condition of the property and its investment journey.

We do this by:
Acquiring trades and business’s who are certified and insured to industry requirements and standards. Fine point rewards trades who provide competitive  prices and guarantee quality workmanship. Ready to rent trade packages reward you not only in price but in providing peace of mind your property is superior in tenant safety and industry compliance. Fine Point Real Estate will continually control, monitor, facilitate and oversee  maintenance and workmanship to preserve the value of the property . This will help to generate a steady income and firm stable return on your investment  property now and for the future