Tenant introduction

At Fine Point Real Estate, we take a diligent & respectful approach to tenants  with rental arrears. We believe that we can persuasively decrease the chances of our tenants falling behind in their rental payments by providing the tenant with everything they need to know at the start of the tenancy, including expectations and communication throughout the  duration of tenancy.

We do this by: 

  • Encouraging tenants with redeemable  trade vouchers and written rental references are great incentives for tenants to remain two weeks in advance with their rental payments . If payments fall behind at anytime tenants will be ineligible for the reward program and could risk being recorded on Australia’s Largest Tenancy Screening Database (TICA)
  • Educating tenants at the Start of the tenancy agreement on the importance of timely rental payments  is absolutely imperative. This can prevent tenants being served notices to vacate the property and unnecessary attendance  Hearings at the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Tenants are advised Find Point Real Estate is a member of (TICA) any defaults  in payments or information resulting in the end of a tenancy could be recorded and used as reference and credit checks by agents Australia wide when applying for future rental properties.
  • We  provide tenants with a secure personal rental code for quick (EFT) Electronic Funds Transferring System for rental payments in conjunction with an online  (log in  code) to gain access to a secure Tenant System created to assist tenants to track their rental payments and monitor their progress towards rewards.